Since 2012, I've helped HUNDREDS of successful and creative individuals throughout the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area to learn about CBD + Cannabis.

Some of them are stressed-out executives working at companies like Tesla, Samsung and Google. But I also help cancer patients, busy moms, and entrepreneurs. And maybe even your grandma. Just like you, they were curious to learn how the right CBD or cannabis choices could make life a whole lot better. Happy days are here again!

Now, this is how it started...

Struggling with my own anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain led me to begin researching and using cannabinoids for myself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trouble sleeping. I often wondered how people could just “take a nap” like it was no big deal. There was no way I could just shut down my thoughts during the middle of the day to sleep! And it often took me hours to fall asleep at night.

I was offered a variety of pharmaceuticals from doctors, which were somewhat helpful, but I knew it was never a long term option to poison my body with chemicals. In 1998, after entering into a decade long, anxiety-inducing career in the financial industry, I was offered cannabis by a friend. I quickly noticed how well it helped with stress, migraines, anxiety and pain, unlike anything I'd ever tried before.

Have you talked to your doctor about cannabinoids?

If not, it won't hurt to try! A growing number(1) of physicians continue to promote cannabis regulation, and for nearly a decade, a majority(5) of doctors across the globe have shown support for the use of medical cannabis. This means cannabis must be working! If you're uncomfortable speaking with your own doctor, I'll be happy to connect you with a cannabinoid-friendly doctor from my personal network.

In the past, many doctors showed little interest in offering assistance with cannabinoid medicine. Because of the federal restrictions on cannabinoid research in academic institutions, very few research studies are available to the public. It is the private cannabinoid companies that are able (and required) to provide this research with their own funding. And their raw materials need to be tested and optimized for therapeutic effectiveness if they want to sell the products. Ultimately, the information IS out there, but you must be your own health advocate and seek it out. Or you can work with me!

Not being a doctor, I’m often asked: “How did you get into this?

After being laid off from an investment services position with Washington Mutual Bank (during the 2008 financial crisis), I wasn’t interested in returning to corporate life. A wide variety of opportunities for assisting people followed, but I still felt the need to help in a much more meaningful way.

Not surprisingly, the medical cannabis industry continued to thrive, even throughout a global recession. This is clear evidence of their essential contributions to the world as many consumers consider cannabinoids to be their most important medicine. Long before California's recreational legalization in 2018, my local region had been known for its readily available, top-shelf quality cannabis, all thanks to the local farmers who have been providing their world class medicine to patients for decades (3).

As I became more familiar with its abundance and accessibility in the San Francisco Bay Area, I wanted to learn even more so I could help those who were just starting out. Before 2018, anyone interested in legally trying cannabis in California needed a valid doctor’s recommendation. After reviewing a patient's medical history, a doctor could approve cannabis for medical use. But now what?

Private cannabis doctors often had limited facetime with patients, usually packing their schedule with many short visits each day in order to keep the cost affordable to the general public. Insurance was not accepted. Besides a few basic suggestions from the doctor, it was up to the patient to seek out details and "experiment" to determine the potency and dosing needed to achieve their desired results. 

After continuing my research (fueled by my love for this incredible plant medicine), I eventually connected with the right people who needed my help. I have since worked alongside more than FORTY high-end medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries across the region, helping all kinds of consumers to better understand their options.

I've been educated or certified by some of the industry's top leaders: the Eel River Organic cannabis farmers of Humboldt County (4), Colorado-based Trichome Institute founder Max Montrose, and Cannabis Coaching Institute founder Corinne Tobias. Most recently, I had the opportunity to study cannabinoid-enhanced biomechanics with Harper Collins best-selling author and Ganja Yoga founder Dee Dussault (6) . I also hold degrees in Psychology and Social Sciences (California State University).

"How does this all work?" you ask.

After scheduling a session and answering a few basic questions, you'll get a better understanding of cannabinoids and discover how they can work for YOU. You'll gain the confidence to discover the best dosing and consumption methods for your needs. We'll also determine how and where to find the highest quality cannabinoid medicine locally available to you. "We're in this (cannabinoid journey) together!"

I look forward to helping you!

What questions do YOU have about cannabinoids?